Crossed-Trained Technicians Fix HVAC & Electrical Problems

Two Birds One Stone!

Have you ever been on one of those customer service phone calls where you get redirected to a certain department that deals with whatever it is you are calling about, only to find out that you have to be redirected to another department to deal with something else related to the issue you originally called about?

Even worse, the line at the DMV or government office where there are separate lines for different issues, and you have waited almost an hour in the wrong line only to be told to go ALL the way back to the end of a different line, where you have to wait some more? Well, wouldn’t it make sense if all the specialists or professionals on the other end of that customer service call or sitting behind the counter of those lines could handle multiple issues?

There are two areas of focus when it comes to your heating and air. The HVAC side and the electrical side. HVAC services consist of replacements and installations, full-service air conditioning and heating repairs, as well as maintenance. Electrical services could consist of something simple like a fuse box issue, the installation of a ceiling fan, or a little more complicated like remodeling & rewiring or repairs and upgrades. When dealing with a company who hires dually trained technicians, like Best Home Services, they able to help solve most problems with just one visit!

Just the other day we had a phone call from a Fort Myers customer who had reported some electrical problems causing his AC unit to not work. I was assigned to this particular case. After arriving at the gentleman’s home and inspecting the situation, he had told me that it was an electrical issue so he had turned the main breaker off. After turning that back on for him, I discovered it wasn’t an electrical problem at all, in fact, it had to do with AC unit itself. Luckily for me and this Fort Myers air conditioning customer, being duly trained helped me pinpoint and fix our customer’s problem in one visit.

So as you can see, being cross-trained in multiple areas is beneficial to our customers and to our technicians. We save the customer time and money and in this case, instead of having to leave the home and make the customer wait for another technician to come, I was able to fix it right then and there. For the technicians, being cross-trained makes us more valuable and helpful to our customers and fellow co-workers.

*This blog was written by Philip, Best Home Services Electrician & AC Technician

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