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James Hofmann
James Hofmann 1.0

The Bottom line: You can get your HVAC problems fixed Quicker, more professionally, and definitely for lower cost by many other companies in south west Florida. I Gave them one star because there is no option for zero stars. My advice: stay away from ...this business. I had an air conditioner that stop working. It took them 4 visits using 5 different techs over one week to fix a problem In a system that they had installed 2 years before. The first tech (who arrived 1 ½ hour late for the first appointment of the day) mainly wanted to sell me an automatically renewable maintenance contract. He said he would perform the first maintenance and the problem would be solved. He left without making sure the AC was working - it was not. When called back he misdiagnosed the problem as a leak which he could not locate “because he did not have a dye pack”. Next tech (manager later called him a “new guy”) said it was a “massive leak” but the dye pack couldn’t locate it. They sold me an expensive component isolation test to find the leak. The 2 techs sent to perform the test did not complete it because they found out there was no leak, the problem was a refrigerant underfeed caused by a stuck valve. They replaced the valve without giving me a price or obtaining my consent. I paid the quoted price, because they had performed the work, and I was told that this was an expensive part to replace. The invoice/receipt they sent me did not actually say that they had replaced the valve, it just said component isolation test. Talking to other area HVAC service companies I found out that the price I had paid was 3-4 times what other businesses charged. I was also told by a tech from a different company that the stuck valve should have been easy to diagnose and fix. I called the company to discuss this situation: misdiagnosis, multiple trips, waste of my time, comparatively high cost, etc. They were willing to give me a small refund – provided I signed a paper saying I was satisfied and would agree not to give them negative reviews in writing or orally. I refused to sign. Such deals are probably why they have higher ratings than they deserve. I also canceled the maintenance service contract (in writing within 30 days as was stipulated in the contract), but I still have not received a refund of the refundable portion of the charge (they keep $50 dollars as a transaction fee in any event). Please learn from my mistake and go elsewhere for service.Read More...

Andrew Pince
Andrew Pince 5.0
John Wolanski
John Wolanski 5.0
Erica De La Garza
Erica De La Garza 1.0

WORSE! DO NOT CALL THEM AFTER THE HURRICANE! I rather give another business my money. Best home services, does not care about customers. They scheduled an appointment after an EMERGENCY CALL. They NEVER showed, I could of called someone else and had this ...issue taken care of ASAP. They will also rob you of your money. Even the technician who picked up after I called back told me to not go with them, this is an employee of theres that said this he stated no one was going to show up to my home, and to call elsewhere to get this issue fixed.Read More...

Dennis Schriffert
Dennis Schriffert 5.0
Marcus Sample
Marcus Sample 5.0

Very good n helpful did the job complete

Elena Goetz
Elena Goetz 1.0

Absolutely horrible experience! Do not use this company. The technician tried to sell us a pump, a contract, a new unit. Talked for an hour. Did something with AC (drained the line?), took the check for $343 and left. AC stopped working completely in 15 ...min ( it was working before just dripping water). We immediately contacted the company and they refused to fix it unless we pay additional $120 for the tech to come up. I am dumbfounded. What? Why? We tried to talk to a management (Sarah Cannedy, who introduced herself as a headquarters manager) she disregarded everything we said to her and it’s all our fault apparently. Please save your time and your money, call someone else.Read More...

Julia Boles
Julia Boles 5.0

Water heater repair

V Camino
V Camino 5.0

I always use Best Home Services, they are quick, always have appointments available which means that they have enough staff to take care of customers. Professional, they wear covers for their shoes when they enter the home they are polite and always tell ...you what is being done. They offer suggestions but don’t pressure you to pay for things that are unnecessary. I always feel comfortable working with them!Read More...

karine raymond
karine raymond 5.0
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