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Cheryl Crick
Cheryl Crick 5.0

Dwayne and Technician Rodney worked together to find out why our home was keeping so much humidity. They were very nice and worked tirelessly to help us find a solution to our problem.

Klaudio Gjoka
Klaudio Gjoka 5.0
Phyllis Woods
Phyllis Woods 5.0
William Rainey
William Rainey 5.0
Lynn Biribauer
Lynn Biribauer 5.0

Glen was very helpful and polite. The problem was fixed

Madelia Felder
Madelia Felder 5.0

Plan to use them in the future,Both Jessie and his trainee were very pleasant in providing the estimate and explaining the work they would do, they didn't try to pressure me. Thanks.

Bill Morrison
Bill Morrison 1.0

Update from my last review. Had the unit installed June 2020. All seemed to work fine, however when returning from summer up north in October 2021, noticed some water outside the garage evaporator unit. Paid for a Best Co technician to come out and ...determine if there was any problems. Technician determined that there was a leak in the evaporator coil and it needed to be replaced. Part was still under warranty but labor was outside the one year timetable. Cost for labor was just under $2000. Decided to have a second company look at the unit and verify if the evaporator coil was the issue since the unit appeared to cool the house just fine. Second technician found a faulty installation of the condensate drain line which had come loose and produced the water leak. He redid the pvc line and problem solved. No charge! Recommend avoiding this company.Read More...

Carrie Lamkin
Carrie Lamkin 3.0

Chris was great very professional and honest. The reason he came out was to check the work from a previous technician. That person gave me false information. Gave me a 3000 quote to clean the fan and air vents that were not dirty. Verified by 2 others.

James Graham
James Graham 5.0
Felicia San
Felicia San 5.0
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