Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid

When the summer sun is heating things up across Florida, it is a relief to know you have a cool and comfortable home where you can escape. A well-functioning system is a necessity!    Prevent a breakdown this summer and avoid these common air-conditioning mistakes…  Mistake #1: Not Changing The Air Filter    You should, at the least, replace your

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Crossed-Trained Technicians Fix HVAC & Electrical Problems

Two Birds One Stone! Have you ever been on one of those customer service phone calls where you get redirected to a certain department that deals with whatever it is you are calling about, only to find out that you have to be redirected to another department to deal with something else related to the […]

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Value Of Fort Myers Ac Repair & Replacement

Value Of Fort Myers Ac Repair & Replacement It’s Perfectly Natural The most common questions I receive when talking with clients relate to the cost of replacing or repairing their air conditioner. As a consumer, I understand the underlying concern of money when they question me. As a professional though, I know that there’s more […]

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