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Why Install a New Ceiling Fan

  If you are planning to install a new ceiling fan in your home, you might be wondering if it is a project that you can tackle on your own, or if you should get the help of a professional electrician.   To help you decide, our electricians at Best Home Services discuss the benefits of

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How To Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

  When it comes to your HVAC system, preventative maintenance is key to keeping it running efficiently year-round. Be proactive and get your HVAC system ready for the upcoming fall season. With any preventative maintenance, you are less likely to need a large system repair or run into any issues as the seasons change.   Get your Southwest

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Why Does My AC Compressor Fuse Keep Blowing?

  Your AC system keeps you and your family cool and comfortable inside your home. Sooner or later, though, you may run into issues with your cooling system that can happen over and over. One of the most frustrating problems that homeowners run into with their air conditioners involves fuses that keep blowing. AC systems

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AC Short Cycling: Why Your AC Keeps Turning on and Off

  AC short cycling is common during the summer months. When it gets hot enough outside, the thermostat inside your home reads higher temperatures and tells your AC system to cool things down. Occasionally, extreme outdoor temperatures outside can lead to the issue that’s known as short cycling. What is AC Short Cycling? Properly functioning

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