Why Does My AC Compressor Fuse Keep Blowing?


Your AC system keeps you and your family cool and comfortable inside your home. Sooner or later, though, you may run into issues with your cooling system that can happen over and over.

One of the most frustrating problems that homeowners run into with their air conditioners involves fuses that keep blowing. AC systems sometimes trip a breaker or blow a fuse in your electrical box when they cycle on. This problem can happen repeatedly and cause you unnecessary headaches.

If you’re running your fuse box time and again just for your AC system to keep blowing a fuse, then you need a team of skilled HVAC technicians to assist. Air conditioners that keep blowing their fuses usually indicate a larger problem with your cooling system, so it’s vital that you connect with a team of professionals to properly diagnose and resolve problems with AC compressor fuses that keep blowing.

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Reasons Your Compressor Fuse Is Still Blowing

There are more than a couple of reasons why AC systems start blowing their fuses. Homeowners in Southwest Florida may find that changing their fuse and running their box isn’t enough to keep their compressor fuses from blowing.

What are the reasons behind blown AC fuses? The most common problems are:

  • Faulty fuse boxes, power supplies, and circuits: Issues with your power supply or with the circuits that keep your air conditioner running can cause your fuses to blow. A problem with your fuse box, circuit, or central power supply can cause your AC system to trip your breaker box and blow a fuse. These fuses and breakers are meant to blow only when there’s too much voltage going through a line. Licensed experts like those at Best Home Services can keep voltage overloads at bay and prevent fuses from blowing.
  • High temperatures and clogged filters: High temperatures can force air conditioners to go into overdrive to keep conditioned air flowing through air filters. Extreme temperatures and clogged HVAC filters can wear down your cooling system and cause your AC compressor fuse to blow. This effect is like the one dirty condenser coils cause when they put pressure on air conditioners and cause fuses to blow. It’s important that you schedule an appointment for AC maintenance before temperatures outside get too hot or cold.
  • Low refrigerant levels: Refrigerant levels that drop too low can place too much pressure on your cooling system. AC systems with low refrigerant levels inevitably cause trips and keep blowing your compressor fuses. Make sure to replace your refrigerant levels as needed or contact a team of HVAC technicians if you think your line is leaking.

It’s not always easy spotting the issues that cause fuses to blow. If you’re living in Southwest Florida and are feeling the heat outside, you need to prevent problems with your cooling system to keep blown fuses at bay.

Experiencing one or more of the issues above? Is your AC system tripping your breakers for reasons you can’t pinpoint? You need a reputable, reliable team of technicians to resolve your problem. Call Best Home Services today at (833) 263-3097 and permanently keep your fuse from blowing.

Blown AC Compressor Fuses – FAQ

It’s important that homeowners in Southwest Florida quickly get professional assistance with compressor fuse problems they can’t solve alone. With that said, there are a few steps worth taking to troubleshoot a faulty cooling system that’s tripping your breaker box:

  1. Q: Should I replace my air filter? A: Clogged air filters can place lots of stress on your cooling system. If you notice that your filter is starting to clog up, it’s recommended that you change it and continue to do so on a regular basis. Air filters that get too dirty can restrict your cooling system’s airflow and eventually cause your compressor fuse to blow.
  2. Q: What else can I clean? A: Cleaning and replacing your air filter is a good first step to take. Now it’s time to clean your supply and return vents, too. You need to keep your supply and return vents free of anything that can clog them. Clogged vents can restrict airflow the same way that dirty air filters can. Keep your vents free of debris and dust and make sure that nothing is blocking them in the meantime.
  3. Q: Should I mess with my breaker? A: Once you’ve cleaned your air filter as well as your supply and return vents, you can reset your breaker box or swap out your compressor system if your box is more than a few years old.  

Still need help with a compressor fuse that keeps blowing? The Best Home Services technicians can diagnose your issue and present you with the best options to move forward. Schedule an AC repair appointment online or call us at (833) 263-3097.

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