Things to Know Before Buying a Washable HVAC Filter 

Your HVAC system’s overall efficiency is directly impacted by the type of air filter you select because it is responsible for capturing airborne particles that can harm both your health and expensive system components. If you’re one of the many homeowners who uses disposable HVAC filters, you might be unsure whether a washable filter is

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Minimize Strain On Your AC System This Summer with These Tips

The heat of summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to talk about how to keep your AC system running smoothly during the hottest part of the year. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing that your HVAC is keeping you cool when it’s so hot outside! 

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Why Isn’t My HVAC Working?

Don’t worry, we’re some of the best at figuring it out…      Unlike most of the country, we use our air conditioners year-round here in Southwest Florida! So when they break down on a warm day during a Florida winter, it can be annoying, to say the least!    The good news is that whether

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