The Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

Power surges can seriously harm your property and put your family in danger. While most power surges are associated with lightning, many surge events come directly from the power grid or even inside the home from overloaded outlets.  


To combat these power surges, a whole-home surge protector can keep you safe regardless of where the surge comes from.  


Keep reading to learn the four benefits of installing a whole-home surge protector from our team at Best Home Services! 

What is a Power Surge? 

A power surge is an increase in the voltage above a designated level for three nanoseconds or more.  


120-volts is the standard voltage in the United States.   


Depending on the strength of the surge or spike, it can seriously damage appliances and electronics in your home. Even if the surge doesn’t inflict any noticeable damage, over time, the strain on the wiring and electrical components in your electronics can lead to premature repairs.  


Power surges can be caused by: 

  • Power grid switching 
  • Lightning 
  • Blackouts or power outages 
  • Internal switching/ turning devices on and off  
  • Downed or damaged utility lines 

What is a Whole-Home Surge Protector?  


Whole-surge protectors are installed directly into your electrical panel, safeguarding your entire electrical system including every outlet, switch, and motor. They can help you save money on electrical repairs by protecting your property in the event of a power surge. 


Plug-in surge protectors might be able to protect small devices that are plugged in, but they won’t be able to protect other electrical devices in your home, such as your HVAC system or other heavy-pulling and expensive appliances.  


Plug-in surge protectors are usually not strong enough to protect your devices from large power surges that come from lightning or the electrical grid.  


Whole-home surge protection safeguards the following appliances/electronics from electrical damage: 


  • HVAC systems 
  • Washing machines 
  • TVs 
  • Refrigerators 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Washing machines & dryers 
  • Data, phone, and cable lines  

The Top Four Benefits of a Whole-Home Surge Protector 


There are many benefits to installing a whole-home surge protector in your home including:  


#1. Protection for High-Tech Gadgets 


Nowadays, our homes are full of more high-tech appliances and devices than ever. These expensive items are susceptible to power surges without a whole-home surge protector.


Most smartphones, tablets, appliances, and even LED bulbs have sensitive circuit boards and other components that are easily damaged. A single power surge has the potential to destroy a circuit board beyond repair and erase enormous amounts of information from your gadgets.


Thinking it’s time for a whole-home surge protector? Call Best Home Services today to learn more; 844-921-2833!

#2. Protection from Transient Surges 


Power spikes that last only a short time frequently originate inside the house. While these minor strikes seldom result in major harm, they can accumulate over time and impair the lifespan and performance of large appliances and electronic gadgets.


#3. Damage Prevention to Expensive Appliances 


Appliances, such as your HVAC, that can generate surges can also be damaged by them. Think about it: a catastrophic power surge could leave you with an unusable refrigerator or HVAC system! 


Damage to such appliances can be costly to repair or replace as large home appliances often cost several thousand dollars.  


A whole-home surge protector can save you from a lot of hassle and heartache should a power surge occur.  

#4. Electrical Fire Prevention  


Surges in the wiring of your home can result in fires, electrical arcing, overheating, and sparks. You will have at least 40,000 amps of protection from high external surges with a whole-home surge protector, preventing damage to your home’s wiring.



Stay Protected from the Unexpected  


You never know when a power surge caused by lightning will roll through Southwest Florida, so it’s best to be protected! With a whole-home surge protector, you’ll have peace of mind that whenever lightning strikes or excess power comes from the grid, you and your home will be safe.  


Rainy season is on its way. Are you protected from power surges? If not, call our team at Best Home Services to learn more today; 844-921-2833!     


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