Allergies? Banish Pollen from Your Naples, FL Home This Spring!

Are you one of the country’s countless homeowners who suffer from springtime allergies? Then this article is for you! Allergy season is just around the corner, which means there’s no better time to read about what your home’s HVAC system has to do with your stuffy nose.

If you’re living in or around the Naples, FL area, you know just how bad pollen-related allergies can be when Spring rolls around. With more than 40 years of demonstrated excellence in HVAC service, the pros at Best Home Services are here to share a few quick tips to permanently banish pollen from your home this Spring!

Start Using HEPA Filters

Plenty of homeowners assume that their A/C and furnace filters keep pollen out of the house, but this sadly isn’t the truth. Your filters can only keep particles of dirt and debris from getting inside and into your HVAC equipment — there’s not much they can do to keep allergens out of your sinuses and lungs.

With HEPA filters, though, you can keep springtime allergens such as pollen at bay. HEPA filters–high-energy particulate air filters–are HVAC filters specifically made to combat allergens. The experts at Best Home Services recommend that you invest in HEPA filters if you struggle with pollen-related allergies since these filters can trap up to 99% of pollen particulates.

Clean Your Home’s Ducts More Often

Once you’ve chosen a HEPA filter for your home and have had it installed, it’s time to think about cleaning your ducts more often. Your home’s heating and cooling ducts collect particulates of pollen, dust, and moisture over time.

When enough of these particulates have built up in your ducts, sooner or later they’ll start circulating throughout your home and begin triggering your allergies. We recommend that you choose a team of experienced HVAC professionals like those at Best Home Services to clean your cooling and heating ducts.

Consider having us clean your ducts if you:

  • Are experiencing asthma or allergy-related symptoms that seem like they’re getting worse
  • Recently renovated your home’s interior
  • Have an insect or rodent infestation
  • Have never cleaned your ducts before!

Additional Preventative Maintenance Is a Must

To ward off springtime pollen as much as possible, it’s important that you stay on top of your preventative maintenance responsibilities. Preventative maintenance keeps your heating and cooling equipment – cooling coils, fan blades, and drain pans, for example – free of moisture that can cause mold to grow.

Too much mold that builds up in your HVAC equipment can easily cause allergy-related issues, so do your best to regularly clean any equipment that’s getting dirty and making it harder to breathe indoors. Keeping your HVAC equipment clean also reduces the amount of electricity it uses, which in turn extends the lifespan of your equipment, too.

Feeling a little intimidated by keeping pollen out of the home by yourself? The HVAC repair, installation, and tune-up experts at Best Home Services can help. Our trustworthy staff of certified and trained technicians provides flexible scheduling and honest, upfront pricing to guarantee you a customer experience that is second to none. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (239) 932-7854 today!

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