Disaster Averted! Preventing Holiday Hiccups with HVAC Maintenance!



Because Thanksgiving disasters are the WORST…Before guests arrive for Thanksgiving, take note of our checklist! 


As we countdown the days to Thanksgiving, pause and think about what would happen if your AC breaks down in the middle of the festivities at your Southwest Florida home? While the holidays are usually a joyous time filled with friends and family, it could turn stressful quickly, especially when your HVAC breaks down! 


So what do you do? Don’t worry! Our team at Best Home Services is here in the event of an emergency breakdown, but in the meantime, follow these tips to help prevent an HVAC malfunction before your Thanksgiving gathering this year! 


Holiday Season HVAC Maintenance Checklist  


You don’t need to check it twice, but you’ll want to do take these steps to keep your heating and cooling unit in its best condition:  




Identify HVAC Problems Early  


This is what seasonal tune-ups are supposed to do—find and fix problems early before they become bigger and more costly problems. A trained HVAC technician from Best Home Services can often identify and fix problems with your HVAC system before a significant breakdown occurs. We have to work together to keep your unit working its BEST, so proactive maintenance is key.  


Think about it this way, would you rather spend money on a scheduled maintenance visit? Or call for emergency service on Thanksgiving morning and hope that the problem will be fixed before your guests arrive? We know which one we’d choose!  


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HVAC Maintenance Saves Money  


Reliability and efficiency are not the only benefits that you will get from having preventative maintenance done on your HVAC unit, it can also help you save money on your monthly utility bills, not just during the holidays.  


Over time, your system gets dirty causing wear and tear on system components which can lead to a loss of efficiency and potential breakdowns. This causes your system to run more frequently and can result in higher energy bills—something that you don’t want during the holidays!  


Wear and tear can also cause breakdowns that are more often than not more expensive to fix than routine preventative maintenance. Are you ready to schedule your maintenance appointment yet?  


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Do Your Part to Maintain Your AC 


It always makes things easier when homeowners do their part to keep their HVAC system well maintained. Make sure that you are changing your air filters regularly, keeping debris away from the outside compressor unit, and keeping fresh batteries in the thermostat.  


Don’t let a broken HVAC system ruin your Thanksgiving plans! Call our trusted HVAC technicians at Best Home Services any time day or night: 844-921-2833!   


Be Prepared for Thanksgiving with Best Home Services  


We all love our mild Southwest Florida fall and winters, but it doesn’t mean that we can forget about maintaining our heating and cooling systems! Here, you may need to turn the furnace on in the morning, and the AC on in the afternoon. This is why your entire system must be in good working order, even though we live in a warm climate!  


Make sure that your HVAC system is Thanksgiving-ready with preventative maintenance from Best Home Services! Schedule your maintenance appointment today—844-921-2833 


Heard of our Home Care Maintenance Plan? 


The best way to ensure that your HVAC gets proper maintenance is to sign up for Best Home Services’ Home Care Maintenance Plan. You will receive two visits a year for HVAC maintenance to help maintain your system and keep it running efficiently as well as a discount on repair services. 



We hope you have the BEST Thanksgiving ever! 

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