3 Reasons to Regularly Change Your AC Filter


There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to air filters. From knowing how to change your filter to understanding why you’re changing it in the first place, it’s important that homeowners in Southwest Florida take proper care of their home’s air conditioning system.

But why, exactly, do you need to change your filter, and why is it so important that you do it on a regular basis? The professionals at Best Home Services are here to break down these questions for you. Let’s dive into the top three reasons to regularly change your home AC filter.

Why Your Air Filter Is So Important

Before we go into the reasons for regularly changing your AC filter, it’s a good idea to first understand why your filter is important to begin with. Your home’s air conditioning and heating system are sensitive to the dust, dirt, and debris that it can accumulate. Too much gunk that gets inside your HVAC system can impact your heating and cooling, which leads to poor efficiency.

The bottom line: your HVAC system’s air filter is its first and best line of defense against unwanted contaminants. Your filter keeps your air clean and your air conditioner and heating system free of debris provided you regularly replace it. If you don’t replace your filter regularly, debris will keep piling up until you’re left with an inoperable, broken-down HVAC system. 

What Does “Regularly” Mean?

By now we’ve hopefully made it clear that you need to regularly change your AC filter. But what does “regularly” mean, anyway? 

When we emphasize that you should replace your filter regularly, what we really mean is that you should consistently change it within a specific timeframe. It’s best for homeowners – especially those living in the Southwest Florida area – to replace their AC filter at least once every one to three months. This time frame typically gives you enough wiggle room to keep your filter from clogging up too much without sacrificing you and your family’s indoor comfort.

With that said, there are a few caveats to this that are worth bearing in mind. HVAC systems that are set to full throttle during cold spikes or sudden heat waves may need their filters replaced monthly. On the flip side of things, HVAC systems that have hardly been running under more mild weather conditions likely only need a filter replacement once every three or four months. 

Changing Your AC Filter Prevents Damage to Your HVAC System

An air filter that’s all clogged up with dirt and debris is likely to cause widespread and unwanted damage to the rest of your air conditioning and heating system. When you change your AR filter regularly, you prevent potential damage to your HVAC system over the long term. 

Make sure to prevent damage to your HVAC system by staying up to date on your filter’s condition. Following this simple step can both increase the lifespan of your air conditioning and heating system and maintain your indoor comfort. Never neglect to change your AC filter if it’s been a few months since you last replaced it!

You Save More Money in The Long Run 

There’s no denying the fact that you save money in the long run when you protect your HVAC system from unnecessary damage. You must replace a clogged air filter as soon as possible so that you can cut down on operating and maintenance costs. 

Dirty air filters draw more power than brand-new ones and can leave you with an electricity bill that’s much higher than expected. Keep your air filter clean and in good operating condition with regular maintenance — homeowners typically save up to 15% on their utility costs by regularly changing their filter.  

Replacing Your AC Filter Protects the Environment

A dirty air filter not only causes your HVAC system to fail — it causes the environment to fail, too. Clogged air filters make for harder-working HVAC systems, which in turn release high amounts of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Homeowners should maintain an eco-friendly home by regularly changing their air filters and protecting the environment from greenhouse gases. 

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