What to Know Before Choosing an Electrical Contractor


Whether it’s flickering light bulbs or rising energy bills, all homeowners eventually run into electrical issues. Rather than tackling electrical problems yourself, it makes more sense to work with an experienced electrician. Knowing how to choose the best electrical contractor for your situation, though, isn’t always clear-cut.

Expert Tips from Southwest Florida’s Go-to Electricians

Don’t hire someone on a whim just to rush through your project. You need to vet your options online for reliable, reputable contractors in your area. And what better source to get your tips from than Southwest Florida’s top team of electricians?

Best Home Services has been providing full-range electrical services to homeowners in Southwest Florida since 1980, and we’re excited to share some things we’ve learned from our experience.

Consider These 3 Factors Before You Choose a Residential Electrician

Plenty of details go into the average residential electrical project. The Best Home Services team has selected the following three factors as essential to consider before you choose an electrician:

Performance on Previous Projects

It can be tempting to choose the first electrician you find when you Google “electrical contractors near me”. But rushing your choice of contractor can cost you in the long run.

Compare the experiences contractors have on electrical projects they’ve completed to determine who’s most qualified. The electrical expert you work with should have a history of managing deadlines and keeping project costs within budget. Contact contractors you’re researching to see if they’ll disclose details about their work on previous projects similar to yours.

The electrician you work with deserves your respect, not the other way around. Check the number of years a contractor has served your area. The longer they’ve been around, the likelier it is that your community respects them.

Industry Qualifications

The electrical industry is a busy one. It’s no wonder so many search results come up when you Google for contractors nearby. But for each residential electrician working with an up-to-date license, many more complete projects without industry qualifications.

Companies like Best Home Services stay up to date with their electrician’s license by passing a yearly qualifications exam. Contractors must prove their industry expertise by passing this annual exam and keeping their license updated. Without a license, a contractor has few ways to prove that they’re qualified to work on your home.

Make sure the contractor you work with has an up-to-date license and proof they passed their industry exam. Never take contractors at their word and only consider working with someone who proves they understand their industry’s trends.

Range of Specialties

Residential electrical service refers to many different areas. You need to know which service areas a contractor focuses on because what may be the right range of services for one electrical project could be completely off-base for yours. Ensure a contractor specializes in what you’re interested in before you work with them.

Before you compare contractor rates and project costs, check how many areas different contractors specialize in. It’s common for companies like Best Home Services to offer tons of services from electrical repair and installation to indoor/outdoor and landscape lighting because they have so much industry experience.

A Complete Package of Electrical Services

In general, the more service areas a contractor focuses on, the likelier it is they can help you with your project. Best Home Services lives up to its name by offering multiple electrical services and ensuring total satisfaction on every repair, inspection, and installation we perform.

Fully Equipped & Trained to Provide:

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