How to Choose a Backup Generator for Your Home



If you have never experienced a prolonged power outage, you can count yourself lucky—especially living here in hurricane-prone Florida! When the power goes out harsh temperatures can make every minute inside your home uncomfortable. Not to mention endanger children, senior adults, and pets.  


The good news? You can avoid the inconveniences of a power outage by installing a permanent backup generator or buying a portable generator. Here’s how to choose a permanent backup generator for your home from our electricians at Best Home Services!  



Now, let’s discuss how to find the best backup generator for you:  


Define Your Electrical Needs 


Think about what you would need if the power went out.  


Electrical loads are measured in watts, and each appliance in your home has a certain wattage. Every generator has a maximum sustained wattage level as well. Your first challenge before buying a permanent backup generator is to calculate how many watts it would take to power what you need during a power outage. 


Most homeowners prioritize the refrigerator (about an 800-watt load) to avoid food spoilage during an extended outage. Powering lights, fans, and chargers for electronics will only take a few hundred more watts of power.  


If you have a larger budget for a generator, think big. Some generators can keep your entire home running without issue.  


Once you know what you want to power during an outage, you can determine what size and capacity of a generator that you need to power your home.  


If you want the most accurate count of wattage levels as possible, hire a local electrician from Best Home Services to conduct a load measurement of every appliance on your must-have list. Call us today for a generator consultation for your Southwest Florida home—844-921-2833! 


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Interlock Kits 


As the nation faces an industry shortage of standby generators, the electrical experts at Best Home Services have a solution for your needs. 


While a portable generator may seem like a quick fix, a trusted contractor has the ability to install an interlock kit. Making the mess of extension cords in a storm disappear. 


Interlock kits allow for one cord to run to your main power source and determine which circuits you’d like kept powered up in an outage.   


Pros of an interlock kit include:

  • Quick Installation 
  • Portability
  • Dual Fuel – either gas or propane 
  • No HOA permissions needed, no permits 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Use it when you need it 



Permanent Backup Generators  


Standby permanent generators are hardwired into your electrical panel and activate automatically when power is interrupted. They are designed to keep your entire home running—even the HVAC system 


Since permanent generators require natural gas or liquid propane fuel sources, they should only be installed by a professional.  


Prices can vary depending on the size of the generator and ease of installation. A backup generator is an investment in your home. Once installed a permanent backup generator will give you peace of mind during power outages for many years to come.  


And remember, like all appliances, permanent generators need periodic maintenance. Some of the most sophisticated permanent generators will make this easy on you by conducting automatic diagnostic tests and will send you an alert when service is required. 


Connecting the Backup Generator 


Once you have decided on a backup generator, you will need to connect it to your home and appliances. With permanent backup generators, a transfer switch allows you to connect the generator to your home’s electrical panel with a single cable.  


A transfer switch is safer and more reliable than using several extension cords, but it will add to the cost of the installation.  


Remember to also consider:  

  • Surge protection 
  • The number and type of outlets your house has 
  • Fuel level monitors 
  • Any ‘Smart’ features for monitoring  



Install a Permanent Generator 


A permanent generator will ensure that your family is safe and comfortable the next time the power goes out! Best Home Services will help you decide what generator best suits your budget, what features you want, and what capacity would work best for your energy needs. 


Ready to install a permanent backup generator or purchase a portable generator for your Southwest Florida home? You can count on our licensed electricians for the installation of an interlock kit for your portable generator, routine maintenance, and transfer switch support. We’re here for you whenever you need us. Call Best Home Services today—844-921-2833! 

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