The Cost of an Inefficient HVAC System

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The Cost of an Inefficient HVAC System in Southwest Florida

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore HVAC Repair & Maintenance

While nobody enjoys dealing with HVAC repair and maintenance issues, you can’t afford to ignore your HVAC system. The cost of an inefficient HVAC system usually includes spikes in your energy bills, as well as inconsistent room temperatures and decreased home comfort and satisfaction. BHS is here to educate our Southwest Florida customers about the reasons why they should keep up with their HVAC service needs. An inefficient HVAC system could end up costing you more over time in wasted energy and money than it would have for you to address whatever problem you were experiencing with your system. Allowing your heating and cooling system to operate inefficiently is costing you more money the longer you choose to ignore it. Heed our advice and get your system inspected if you have any concerns!

More Costly HVAC Repairs, Including Cracked Heat Exchangers

Ignoring your HVAC system tends to lead to more costly HVAC repairs over time, which may include repairing a cracked heat exchanger. Your heating and cooling system will have to work harder because of cracks in components such as the heat exchanger. However, having a cracked heat exchanger could be costly to your health as much as your wallet. Cracks may allow pollutants to be released into the air you breathe inside your home, which can impact your indoor air quality and your family’s safety. No price tag is too high when it comes to your family’s health and happiness.

Over Time, Excess Air Leakage Leads to Energy Bill Spikes

Over time, it’s natural for your HVAC system to become more inefficient with age. Wear-and-tear will eventually cause air to leak from your heating and cooling system. As more air leaks, your system will work harder to try and compensate for it. Although you may still notice appropriate amounts of hot or cold air inside your home, you’re likely to see significant spikes in your energy bills. Don’t waste more energy and money on energy costs than you need. Have your system inspected and replaced if it’s time for an energy-efficient upgrade. Check out our Air Conditioner Buyers Guide for tips on selecting the best air conditioner for your Southwest Florida home. If it is time for an upgrade, we can also advise you on the best rebates and financing options to help you offset the costs.

Have You Noticed Hot and Cold Spots Inside Your Home?

Eventually, you may notice extreme temperature fluctuations inside your home with hot and cold spots from room to room. Once this happens, you may need to adjust your thermostat. While this may not seem like a major inconvenience while you’re at home, if you’re not around to make manual adjustments to your thermostat, it could result in constant energy usage and waste while no one is home. This is why you should consider installing a digital programmable thermostat to help you maintain consistent temperatures, even when you’re not at home. If you have a smartphone or tablet, digital programmable thermostats use apps to connect you remotely to your system’s settings. No matter where you are, you can adjust your thermostat with the simple touch of a button. This allows you to adjust the heat or air conditioning right before you come home from work or your kids come home from school to ensure you’re comfortable when you walk through the door.

Is It Time to Have Your Ductwork Inspected and Cleaned?

Your HVAC system inefficiencies could be directly linked to the condition of your system’s ductwork and air filters. How long ago did you last change your air filter? Typical run-of-the-mill HVAC filters may need to be changed as often as every 30 days or more depending on the size of your home and family and if you have any pets present in the house. Investing in higher-quality air filters could give you more usage in-between changing them, with some lasting as long as six months. Leaky or dirty ducts could also be impacting your indoor air quality and energy costs. Luckily for you, BHS provides air duct cleaning services in Southwest Florida to help you rectify this situation. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with our service from an award-winning team that we offer a Service Guarantee.

Best Home Services Can Help You Upgrade Your HVAC System

Do you think an inefficient HVAC unit is impacting your Southwest Florida home? Call BHS, one of the largest and most respected HVAC companies in the region. Our HVAC technicians specialize in new HVAC installations, repairs, maintenance, and inspections. Any time you have a question or concern related to HVAC service, don’t hesitate to give us a call for an immediate response. We work hard around the clock to provide 24-hour emergency repair services to keep you comfortable year-round. Since 1980, we’ve helped countless homeowners improve their HVAC system efficiency with repairs, replacements, and upgrades. You don’t have to take our word for it though. You may read our testimonials to see why so many trust us with all their HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs.

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