Remodeling? Here Are 4 HVAC Tips to Consider

Remodeling in Southwest Florida? Here Are 4 HVAC Tips to Consider

Best Home Services Offers Tips for Taking Care of Your HVAC Unit

When renovating your home, it pays to keep your HVAC company in the loop. Not only will you want to take extra precautions to protect your HVAC system from renovation dust and debris that could cause damages, but you’ll also want to ensure the renovations don’t interfere with your system’s efficiency afterward. BHS’ HVAC technicians are here to provide a few helpful HVAC tips to consider when remodeling your Southwest Florida home. Should you ever have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We’ve been looking out for your home comfort needs since 1980!

1. Be Sure to Ask Your HVAC Company for Expert Recommendations

Some kinds of home renovations can impact your HVAC system more than others. Are you adding square footage to your home? You may need to upgrade your HVAC system to accommodate a larger space for optimum energy-efficiency. Will you need to relocate any air vents in the remodeling process? It’s never a bad idea to bring in one of our experienced HVAC technicians to take a look at your remodeling plans to ensure nothing’s being compromised with your HVAC system. After all, ensuring your heating and cooling systems are configured correctly for your home comfort is but one of our many specialties in Southwest Florida!

2. Avoid Running the HVAC System While Renovations Are Underway

If it’s possible, we suggest not running your HVAC system at all while your home renovations are underway. If you do still need to run your system, closing off specific sections of the home that are being renovated could go a long way in protecting your system. If you’re unable to seal off the rooms entirely, we recommend at least covering your HVAC system with plastic tarps or closing your registers in those rooms to prevent dust and debris from entering your vents. Once dust and debris infiltrate your HVAC unit, they can cause irreversible damages. Nobody wants to incur the costs of repairing a broken-down HVAC system or installing a new HVAC replacement right after spending money on home renovations.

3. Maintain the Renovation Work Area as Best as You Can

Many home remodeling projects involve some form of demolition. Demolition can be downright dirty and messy. Construction debris – even dust in the air – can be harmful to your HVAC system. Try to keep most of the renovation work outside or away from your HVAC system if you can. For example, you could complete all the necessary sawing or sanding outdoors or in a designated staging area such as your garage. If that’s not possible, try to maintain the renovation work area as best as you can. Don’t let dust and debris build up on your clothing, furniture, or floors. Keep the renovation area as clean as possible.

Be vigilant with your dust control efforts. You may wish to consider upgrading your power tools to ones specially designed with dust extractor technologies. There are also air purifiers and other equipment you can invest in to promote better indoor air quality. Be sure to check your air filter even more frequently during the renovation process and replace it when it becomes dirty to avoid damages and clogs to your system, ductwork, and air vents.

4. Have Best Home Services Inspect Your HVAC System Afterward

Once the renovation work is complete, be sure to call BHS for an HVAC system inspection afterward. We’ll check the air filter and examine the various system components to ensure everything’s operating efficiently. We also specialize in air duct cleaning, which can be beneficial in removing built-up debris inside your ductwork if it was a lengthy remodeling project. Letting our professionals inspect and clean your system can save you money long-term with fewer HVAC repairs. We’re dedicated to ensuring your family remains comfortable in your newly-renovated home for many years to come.

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