Business Of The Year Finalist: Best Home Services

Chadd Hodges, Governor Rick Scott, Keegan Hodges

Some familiar faces are in The News-Press this beautiful February morning! Chadd and Keegan Hodges are sharing their story in honor of Best Home Services nomination for Business of the Year for 2016. It is an incredible honor to be named beside reputable businesses in southwest Florida.

Exemplifying Business Excellence From The Beginning

Best Home Services, formerly known as Best Electric, was built from the ground up by hard-working hands and big dreams. Having the value of hard-work exemplified to them from their parents, Perry and Marilyn, both Keegan and Chadd began working in the business when they were 12 years old. They gained valuable experience early on, and after going away to school, the two sons officially joined the company in 2007.

“In a world of big box marketing, multichain franchises and slick young companies more focused on making fast dollars, Best Home Services understands that nobody cares more about you than family,” Randy Mitchelson, Vice President of iPartnerMedia, wrote in his nomination letter. “At its core, their company is just a family who takes care of other families.”

From humble beginnings, Best Home Services has grown to create 68 jobs in the last year. They continue to grow, servicing southwest Florida and Sarasota, but hold on to the customer service and care that comes from choosing a family owned business.

Keegan Hodges pins their success on Best Home Services’ core values: “Be family. Be fun. Be amazing and be constantly growing and learning. Treat people like family. No matter what, there’s no right way, there’s no wrong way. When it comes to the customer, you just make it right.” He told The New-Press.

Make sure to join Best Home Services’ excitement in southwest Florida! Winners will be announced February 21st during The News-Press awards breakfast at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Read more about Chadd and Keegan Hodges on The News-Press!

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