Whole Home Dehumidification

“It’s Not The Heat; It’s The Humidity!”

As a southwest Florida resident, you’ve probably heard this a million times. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. In any case, it’s definitely true. When the humidity is high, it can feel almost impossible to cool off. This is because high humidity prevents sweat from evaporating from your skin, which is your body’s natural way of regulating its temperature. In short, high humidity really does make you feel like you are warmer.

Unfortunately, heading indoors isn’t always a good way to beat the humidity. If your home is humid, you will likely have to set your air conditioner to a cooler temperature just to cool yourself down. Reducing the humidity in your home helps keep you cool and provides a number of other benefits.

Benefits Of Whole House Dehumidification

In general, the humidity inside your home should range between 45 and 55%. If it’s higher, you should consider some type of dehumidification. Whole home dehumidification is the most effective option for removing excess moisture from your home. With a whole home dehumidifier set up, you will enjoy:

  • Increased comfort as the result of removing excess moisture and delivering fresh, filtered air to your home.
  • Reduced moisture causes less strain in your air conditioner, which leads to energy savings. With less humidity, you will also be able to set your thermostat higher and use your air conditioning system less frequently.
  • When compared to small, portable dehumidifiers, whole home dehumidifiers are much easier to maintain. They drain themselves automatically, and the air filter only needs to be repaired throughout the year.
Whole Home Dehumidification

If you think you might be in need of Naples whole-home dehumidification, call the experts at BHS for an indoor air quality test. With this test, we will be able to determine the humidity levels in your home and recommend a whole home dehumidification system. We provide award-winning service throughout SW Florida, and all of our services are guaranteed. To learn more about whole-home dehumidification or to schedule a FREE, no obligation estimate on an indoor quality system, please give us a call now at (239) 946-4426 .

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