Unclogging Your Drain–Should You Leave It To The Pros?

Unclogging A Drain Can Be No Fun…

We’ve all been there. Suddenly you are in the shower standing in three inches of water when your drain is open, or the sink is not draining after you’ve finished your morning shave. Whether it’s just a minor stoppage or a major issue, any one of the drains in your home can–and probably will at some point–become clogged. So what is the best method for handling this quickly, efficiently, and safely?

Unclogging A Drain The Easy Way

The first thing to mention is how not to take care of a clog. Too many people believe that liquid drain cleaners are an easy, effective way to take care of unclogging a drain. But if you ask any plumbing professional, they will tell you that using liquid drain cleaners is pretty much the worst way to deal with a clog.

These caustic chemicals can actually get trapped inside of pipes and cause quite a bit of damage to them. Plus, it has been affirmed that these chemicals can find their way into groundwater and potentially drinking water. There is also personal safety to consider as there have been reported cases of chemical eruptions occurring due to mixing, which can cause chemical burns or even blindness. Take it from the pros: Skip the chemicals.

The most simple way with unclogging a drain is to use your standard plunger. They are easy to use, and they do a great job of handling simple blockages. And they cause no damage to your pipes.

If you have a more serious clog, you might need a “drain snake.” Also referred to as a “drain auger,” plumbers carry this common tool with them as a matter of course. In a drain snake, there are flexible coils of metal that work their way down the drain until they get to the clog. The coils are rotated by a motor, either breaking up the clog or corkscrewing into the clog. Debris either goes down the drain or is pulled up out of the drain.

If the drain snake isn’t doing the trick, a hydro-jetter might be necessary. This high-pressure stream of water can work its way through even the most recalcitrant clogs. Not only that, but the water actually serves to scour the drainpipes, helping to prevent clogs in the future.

Video inspection equipment is also available for plumbers to deal with unclogging a drain. The mini camera will take pictures of a pipe’s interior, with plumbers viewing them on a monitor. This enables plumbers to see exactly what is going on and enables them to deal with a clog more specifically.

If you can’t handle your drain clog with a simple sink plunger, don’t risk using harmful chemicals. Give us a call and let the professionals at BHS handle your clogged drains in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Marco Island, & Naples FL.

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